Day 256 of 365

Stuff I (we) bought today, because it’s Saturday and we were all out together for most of the day…until the afternoon when I went out looking for tiles.

Oh. My. God.

I think I can confidently say I looked at every single white tile in every single tile shop within reasonable driving distance from this house. I saw A LOT of tiles and all I was searching for was a very simple 70 x 150 Subway tile, in white. Not a single store had them. THANKS PINTEREST for making me want things I can’t have.

I did find something better though. So, silver lining.

Anyhow, today I (we) bought:

• A door. This will be the door from the new kitchen to the new pantry. Wood with six glass panels. It will be painted a gloss white.

• A door handle. Can’t open a door without one! Chrome with a deco feel as thats the direction the renovation seems to be taking.

• A newspaper. For when you’ve finished the internet.

• (two) (pairs) (of shoes) (ssshhh!!) Orange sandals and turquoise sandals. Very summery. Very pretty.

• THREE sketchpads! Because I ran out and needed to stock up.

• A book. A book about drawing figures and people and facial expressions. Pretty handy book to have.

• A Nespresso Lattissima coffee machine. We’ve had an area in the new kitchen custom built to house it, so, we kinda needed to get one or that spot would be empty.


Big shopping day!

And that’s my three days of “stuff I bought today” done.
What have I learned from this?
I have learned that some days I buy lots of stuff, and some days I buy not much stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle the new Illustration Friday topic, maybe.

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