Day 260 of 365 illustrations

Oh! I have something to show you before I get into todays illustration!

You might remember a couple of months ago I teased you with a little peek at a commissioned painting I was doing, well, I think I can safely show you the whole thing now as the owner, I believe, received it a couple of weeks ago, so there’s no chance of ruining anyone’s surprise anymore.

Here it is in all its allness!

From memory I think it was roughly a 50 x 50cm canvas so it was a nice fun size to work on as opposed to my usual A4 or smaller. Working big is great!

And a little detail…

Now for todays illustration (‘s because there’s two of them but they’re only little).

If you’re one of the very smallĀ group of people that follow me on Twitter (sad face) or one of the very small group that follows me on Instagram (sadder face) then you’ll have already seen todays illustrations, for the other 300plus people however, here they are… (they’ve been Instagramed which is why they look all warm and moody)…

Who doesn’t love a little Instagram?!

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