Day 274 of 365 illustrations

Happy Halloween!

Wow! Halloween has really taken off this year! This evening we drove to our house (which we’re still not living in because of renovations), and had a little Halloween party on the front lawn with friends.

We must have had, at a guess, maybe 70 or 80 kids come by trick-or-treating, probably triple the amount from last year. It was fantastic and the atmosphere along the street was buzzing and exciting and so much fun!

Will and his two besties dressed up and went trick-or-treating for the first time and I think it’s safe to say they LOVED it! Although, sugar, as I found out this evening, does horrible horrible things to small children!

Thankfully now though the little one is fast asleep.

Our first Halloween…SUCCESS!

Today’s illustration followed by some Halloween pics:

Halloween week, Day 5…


We made Halloween cupcakes…



We got dressed up…


As the Incredible Hulk…


And we went trick-or-treating…




Now we’re all exhausted. And four kilos fatter.

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