Day 279 of 365 illustrations

Sometimes, and thankfully it’s not often times, but sometimes after a long busy day the last thing I feel like doing is drawing a picture.

Today was one of those times.

Once I started though, I kind of actually got into it and enjoyed it, I even thought about doing another until I made a mistake sketching it out and remembered my eraser was in another room and I couldn’t be bothered going to get it so…

Here’s a girl with a cat…on her head.


Also. Today we saw men doing backflips and fancy acrobat type things on their motorbikes in a great big indoor arena. I think it was possibly one of the most exciting days of Will’s life, especially when one of the “Superhero motorbike men” (his words) came and gave Will his hat.

I’m telling you this because I need to show this photo… The photo of Will, in his hat, on the tricycle he had dragged into the house, trying to do acrobatic type things in a great big indoor arena…or otherwise known as, our small kitchen.

That, made my day.

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Day 279 of 365 illustrations

  1. That’s me, right? I have a little cat that follows me around all the time, always underfoot. He will make me fall some day, I’m sure. So, maybe, it would be better if he just stood on my head like this. Less dangerous.

    I love it!!!

    • Haha! Your cat sounds hopelessly devoted! I have a dog so I don’t have that same problem…he’s just big and goofy and likes cuddles 🙂

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