Day 282 of 365 illustrations

I have a new toy. And I have a rough mock-up of my book. And Will and I spent the morning at the Art Gallery learning about Picasso and painting and making puppets in a workshop for 2-3 year olds!

Three reasons to be feeling quite happy today.

The new toy is a tablet and pen for my Mac. SO exciting. I’ve been playing with it already, in fact, I made todays illustration with it…

Really diggin’ this digital collage type thing I’ve been exploring lately. I like the depth and texture it gives to the image. Nice. Very nice.

New toy…

How todays illustration began…

Tablet and pen, where have you been all my life?

3 thoughts on “Day 282 of 365 illustrations

    • Thank you! I started this project very confused about what my own illustration style is but I think I’m finding it as the days go by. Its been an interesting trip so far!

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