Day 283 of 365 illustrations

This weekend some good friends of ours are getting married, YAY for weddings, and I’m really excited about it because besides the fact that, you know, its a wedding, I also can’t wait to see how it all looks and how all the planning has come together. I’ve no doubt its going to be spectacular and I just want/need to see it, NOW! The bride has very very good taste and I’m sure photos of this wedding will be inspiring people on Pinterest for quite some time!

(I’m also really excited about it because I have the prettiest of dresses to wear and a new mint green bag!).

Also. I’m coming out of floral retirement to do the flowers. Can’t wait! Can’t wait to get my hands on some lovely blooms and make beautiful things again, its been a long time.

So, todays illustration is for the Bride & Groom (but mostly the bride).

Here’s to a great wedding day and the two days before!

Now its off to the delicious Rochelle Adonis for a Hight Tea hen’s afternoon.


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