Day 284 of 365 illustrations

Wedding flowers today have been a bit of a breeze, nice fun arrangements with pretty flowers, my kind of wedding. I have forgotten however, just how much my darn back hurts after I stand leaning over a work table all day long.

Ouch! Couple of nurofen before bedtime for me tonight!

Anyhow, I’ve been kept busy today and fortunately I’ve just enough time now to sit and paint my nails before bed. Painting nails has out-prioritised painting an illustration tonight as I couldn’t possibly turn up at the wedding tomorrow with ugly florist hands! Besides, I bought a nail polish that matches the colour of my dress exactly so I HAVE to use it.

Quick sketches today in honour of A) it being Movember, and B) having been inspired by the documentary called Mansome that I watched last night. Great doco!




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