Day 289 of 365 illustrations

By 11:00 this morning Will was completely knackered and on the verge of some enormous meltdowns on account of having woken up this morning at 5:30am. He’s usually a 7/7:30am guy so anything this early completely messes with his head, and then ultimately, mine. It just so happened though, that all this meltdown and madness happened in and/or around the car so it wasn’t long until the gentle hum of the engine, the little bumps in the road and my firmly crossed fingers, put him to sleep.

Excellent! Falling asleep in the car means I can park somewhere nice, transfer the tired boy into his pram and enjoy a skinny hot chocolate in a quiet, happy place. And as always, I had my Moloeskine and some freshly sharpened pencils packed away in Wills back pack.

A lovely 90 minutes of sketching.

90 minutes of sketching, lovely.

The result, a school excursion to the zoo…

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