Day 290 of 365 illustrations

Does it count as an “illustration a day” if I have coloured and reworked the day before’s illustration a little? Well, a lot, actually. I’ve done a whole lot of work to it.

I had so much fun doing this it’s insane! Can’t even begin to tell you how much I love using a tablet and pen to colour things and add texture in photoshop. Hmm. I hope I don’t forget how to use an actual paintbrush though.

School excursion to the zoo, in colour

Also, I’m entering an illustration competition, entries due December 14, so I’d better get a crack on. I only started working on it today, for the first time, and by ‘working on it’ I mean I’ve done a tiny bit of sketching on one page of my Moleskine.
REALLY better get a crack on soon!

I’ll be illustrating a scene from Little Women, probably one where Amy is the main character as I can already picture in my head the scene I’m about 70% certain I’ll use, soooo, today I started trying to figure out what my version of Amy looks like.

AND, so that I can say officially “one illustration per day” here’s the stuff I’ve been working on, fresh today…

Obviously I haven’t quite got it yet but, atleast its a start…

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