Day 297 of 365 illustrations

I’m so exhausted, you guys! Exhausted with a capital KNACKERED!

The last few nights I’ve been up late working on illustrations for my picture book, and another persons picture book AND today involved a Jackson Pollock painting session for 2-3year olds at the art gallery, a trip to SantaLand, lunch in the city, spiderman masks, frisbee throwing, grandmas house, mozzerella stuffed chicken breast topped with avocado, tomato and crispy prosciutto, some wine and finally, good TV. Feet up. Finally.

I had planned to tackle this weeks Illustration Friday topic at some point today but, nope, didn’t happen!

Fortunately I did a bit of a quick sketch over breakfast this morning so I have today’s illustration covered. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would have seen this one early this morning but for everyone else… Day 297:


BED TIME. No drawing tonight, I need a pillow.

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