Day 308 of 365 illustrations

It feels like I always say this but, I am exhausted! This time it’s really for real though. And add to that I think a delayed hangover might have kicked in an hour or so ago.

Thanks, champagne.

It’s been a wonderful weekend though, filled with love and weddings and picnics and family and friends and laughing and crying and French champagne, macarons and a French chef called Laurant!

I would have added something about getting christmassy to that list but we’re not able to put any Christmas decorations up yet so there’s no Christmas in this house right now 😦 I want to wait until we’re back in our own house, it seems pointless to put up decorations just to take them all down and put them back up somewhere else, right? Hopefully, two short weeks from now. Two short weeks and and all those Christmas projects I’ve pinned on Pinterest can begin!

Three years ago we started a new family tradition which is to go and pick out a real Christmas tree from the Christmas tree farm and bring it home to decorate, we’ll do that in two weeks too, I hope.

Ahhh the smell of Christmas. I can’t wait!

Now then, todays illustration. Sorry to repeat yesterday’s idea but tired head and eyes took the easy illustration option tonight…


Merry start of the festive season, everyone! xx

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