Day 317 of 365 illustrations

Christmas themed illustrations, Day 5, December 11.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… (I’m working on a theme here today)

I doubt very much it will be snowing in this country at Christmas time, we’ll most likely be in the pool just like every other year, still, its nice to picture a cold snowy Christmas in my head.

And now, as promised, pictures and instructions on how to make the snow globes I told you about yesterday. Its probably the simplest christmas craft you could ever attempt, ever! I promise.

Also, incase you’re wondering where to get the stuff needed to make these little jars of joy, I bought the jars at Kmart for $2 each, the ornaments at Spotlight for $2.50each and the glitter also at Spotlight for about $3.50. Cheap as chips!

Okay, very simple instructions…

And the finished globes…

They look so pretty and festive and Will loves them!

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