Day 336 of 365 illustrations

So according to Pinterest, if I bake these plates in a very hot oven for an hour or so the Sharpie will stay on the plate permanently…?



The little plate next to the big plate I did last night, after midnight (I couldn’t sleep due to this stupid crazy hot weather!), so I can technically include it as part of today’s work.


And, Will did one too!


Yesterday we bought a brand new dinner set so I now have all the old white plates and bowls to play with, I couldn’t be happier if I tried right now!

I might even buy some coloured Sharpies… Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Day 336 of 365 illustrations

    • haha! I haven’t baked them yet but I certainly hope it works! If it does I’ll be knee deep in scribbled on plates its THAT much fun!

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