Day 346 of 365 illustrations


I’m sat at my Mac this evening working on a little thing and I’ve been so caught up in this little thing that I’ve completely not really given too much thought to todays illustration – little thing has kept me busy!

What I’m making is a tribute DVD for my mum, so I’ve been madly scanning old and new pics, pulling pics off Facebook, searching through years of iPhoto…all that kind of stuff. I really can’t wait to get started on the adding music/making this DVD beautiful part. Hopefully it should be finished in a couple of days…fingers crossed!

So anyway, at 11:40pm, twenty minutes from midnight, I’m all “YIKES! ILLUSTRATION!”

A bit like this…



…I promise these last 19 days won’t ALL be lame, forgotten about scribbles posted near midnight, I’m going to get some good ones out before this is up, I promise!

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