Day 351 of 365 illustrations

Do you believe in signs?

I absolutely do. I’m a bit of a sucker for them, to be honest.

Here’s what happened last Tuesday…

Tuesday morning I was getting into the car, taking Will to Grandads house to help go through mums belongings when a dragonfly perched itself on the back arial of the car and watched us for a little while. Then it flew off.

A short moment later the dragonfly came back and landed on the same spot, again it seemed to be watching us, then it flew off only to return, land, and watch us one more time before flying off a final time.

The very first drawer I open in my mums room when I begin to sort through things has in it, sitting right on the top, a dragonfly brooch.

Will opens a purse he finds that belonged to mum and says “look! Dragonfly!”. Yep, inside was a paper dragonfly.

That afternoon we return home, I open up the back doors to let the breeze in and guess what, in flies a dragonfly. I’m not kidding. It flew in the house, circled the room a few times and flew off.

Later than evening, we walk to the park and then order Japanese for dinner. While waiting in line to collect our food I notice the lady in front of me has on an enormous pair of dangling dragonfly earrings.

All in one day.

We don’t live near a river!

Finally, today, after the funeral and after lunch we were all at my house, sitting outside, in and by the pool, chatting, when what appears?…the dragonfly!

There has to be something to all of that, right?


6 thoughts on “Day 351 of 365 illustrations

  1. Absolutely! Yes no doubt at all! How wonderful… your beautiful mum had a strong spirit and she is already able to visit. You have given me goosebumps and its still 30 odd degrees!! Can’t wait to see you wearing the brooch xxxx

  2. I’m kind of new around wordpress, stumbled on your blog, and this is an amazing blog! one person told me before that every artist should draw or even just doodle everyday, and within one year, our illustrations would really improve 😀

  3. There are energies in this world that can not be explained… I believe these events go a little beyond coincidence!
    Power, freedom and a life truly lived… Dragonflies stand for so many things, but the connection you received with your mother is, perhaps, the most important.
    Beautiful post! (If there only was a “love” button…)

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