Day 359 of 365 illustrations


If you follow me on Instagram (keljc), you’ll know that food is my new thing. Well, not so much new as I’ve always loved (to cook AND eat) food, but it’s my new mini challenge.

Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals.

First challenge: A different 15 Minute Meal each night for a week. This may spread out to two…three…four weeks.

Second challenge: To work my way through the book from start to finish (not every night of the week, but slowly, over time).

Tonight was night three of the first challenge, and I have to say, three very delicious, easy to cook, tasty tasty meals. Thumbs up so far.

Wanna see pics?
Oh ok! :-p

Night 1: sizzling steak noodle bowl


Night 2: Chilli con carne meatballs with bulgur wheat


Night 3: Veggie curry


Pucka! (Did I spell that right?).

And now for today’s “illustration”…


I had to keep the theme going!

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