Day 364 of 365 illustrations

Yesterday I went to put some flowers on my mums grave. It’s been a couple of weeks since the funeral and the flowers that were there are just about ready to be cleared.

There’s no headstone yet as that can take anywhere from three to six months, and we only just finalized the wording for it today so, it will be a while yet.

With the flowers gone and no headstone it was a pretty bare, sad place, with no hint of the wonderful woman resting below.

Then I had a idea.

Between the four of us in the family we have the skills to make and erect a very fitting temporary marker, so that’s what we set about doing.

We now have something very beautiful and special to fill the void for the next few months or so.

Tomorrow we will go and put it in its place.

Our cross.
Lovingly made by her husband.
Painted by her daughters.
Erected tomorrow by her son-in-law while her grandson plays under the nearby tree.

She would have loved this.



My sister and I doing the pretty work…


Some little details…





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