Old habits die hard, it would seem.

All day today I’ve had in the back of my mind, “must do blog, must do blog, must do blog”.

Because for 366 days that’s what I thought. Every. Day.

So, I figured, since I’ve been pretty creative in the last 24 hours we’d talk about that. Stuff I made. Stuff I drew. Stuff I cooked.

As you may know, Will starts three year old kindy on Tuesday so I’ve felt compelled to whip him up a few home-madey type things to take with him.

Today I made reusable sandwich bags!
Save the planet and all that, you know.

You can find tutorials for these all over the Internet, especially Pinterest, here’s just one of the many around… reusable sandwich bags

I didn’t use a tutorial because they look a little straight forward but that one above looks to be a good one.

So, Will’s sandwich bags…



The inside of them is made with a vinyl material so they can be wiped clean. Also, look how they match his backpack 🙂


Then. Last night I did a bit of sketching. It’s always concerned me, the fact that I wasn’t very good at making characters move, so yesterday I did a bit of an Internet search looking for tutorial sheets on poses and figure drawing.

I can not believe it took me 366 days to think if doing that!!

Already a massive improvement…




Thank you, Internet!

And finally, I’m still cooking Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meals for dinner, this is week two. They’re just so…delicious! I’m not even kidding. Freakin’ delicious and so easy to cook.

Tonight: Daal curry, warm tomato salad, naan.


The night before: black bean burgers, noodles and pickle salad.


Saturday night: sizzling chicken fajitas, grilled peppers, salsa, rice and beans.


Friday night: The best fish baps. We took these in pieces and made them up at Moonlight outdoor cinema. Perfect.


Thursday night: Tuscan bread salad


Lovely. Lovely. Food.
I’m working my way through that book!

Also, I was asked a few questions on Twitter last night about my 365 challenge, I’ll do a post answering those tomorrow because they’re good questions.

I’d do it today but I feel like I may have bored your little heart out too much already!

Time for a(nother) glass of wine now I think.


6 thoughts on “Old habits die hard, it would seem.

  1. Yippeeeeee, you don’t realise how excited I just was to receive the notification that you’d posted something new lol!
    Have only just eaten recently but your pictures of that yummy looking food makes me want to taste the lot…. yum, looks delicious!
    Love the moving sketches too, ahh wow can’t believe Will is off on his next adventure and what a very trendy one too with those sandwich bags, gawjuss xx

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