There’s an app for that?!

Please forgive me being all 2012 here but, there’s an app for making stop motion movies!!

There really is.

And I only discovered it because earlier today I thought “Gee, those stop motion movies look fun to make, wonder how I’d….WAIT A MINUTE…MAYBE THERE’S AN…APP!”, and sure enough, there is.

This is my very very first attempt EVER, so please be kind. Please. Also, its very quick, blink and you’ll miss it, seriously. It’s quick.

Here’s the little star of the show though…

So that was fun. Slightly tedious, but fun.

Q & A? Q & A!

I was asked recently what my top ten posts were from the 365 project, so, in no particular order, I think it was these…

365:11820120817-164645.jpgKelly Canby 365:178:120120723-105439.jpg36515336514820120625-160718.jpg
And the whole cardboard dollhouse, that was so fun…
20120422-161946.jpg20120421-173935.jpg20120422-162022.jpg 20120422-162002.jpg 20120422-161946.jpg 20120422-161934.jpg20120424-174156.jpg
There it is, I think, my top 10. Maybe? Yeah why not?!
I was also asked if I have a favourite illustration from the last 365 days… Yes, I do! Its any of those in the top 10. It’s very hard, there are so many of them, but I think wherever I learnt a new technique, or discovered my style a little more, or conquered something that scared me (like watercolour!), then that, it, or they, are my favourite.
I was asked what I thought I’ve learnt from the last 365 days…
Well. I’ve learnt it might be some time before I take up another 365 challenge, for starters!! I also learnt to just “give it a go!” and as a result I discovered new ways of doing things. I played with different paints and pencils and glue and pieces of wood,  and I cut stuff and I drew stuff and I built stuff. I learnt how to really be creative and that’s a pretty great thing to learn.
And then I was asked, did my style change? Heck yes! ENORMOUSLY! Although I don’t think it actually changed, really, it just developed. And it’s still developing. Does it ever stop developing? I hope not.
Feel free to ask anything else, if you have a burning question. Or even not so burning. Just like, a little bit warm is fine, too.
There’s fun to be had with this stop motion stuff….I can feel it.

One thought on “There’s an app for that?!

  1. I love the doll house- a stunning piece of work and very inspiring too… the stripy arm is effective too and I’d missed both of these when you first posted them so thanks for the top ten. In fact, thanks for the full 366!

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