Will started Pre-K today. His first day at three year old kindy and it was the cutest day ever. Little lunchbox, little bag, new shoes, new friends. I’m pretty sure he had a great time too, which is a relief.

He also, just about two minutes ago, referred to something as “awesome”. Not a word I ever use, so I guess he’s already learnt stuff. Awesome.

While Will was at pre-K I made the best possible use of my two hours and spent half of it in the local bookshop. OH what a joy it was to look at books without little hands tugging at me. OH what a joy it was to look at books that didn’t have Spiderman, Batman or The Hulk on the cover. OH. What a joy.

The other half of the two hours I spent at home with a coffee, falling in love with one of the three books I bought.

And yes. Its a children’s book.

Will might get it when I’m finished loving it 😉

But LOOK! Look at this…



This is the prettiest book I have seen in a long time.

And not only is it pretty, it’s charming and sweet and funny and lovely. It really is.

Written and illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson, its just a delightful, delightful wee yarn.

Have a little look inside…


And then when you buy it, because really now, how could you not? You too can sit and do this…



With a great big happy smile on your face. Assuming that is, all your little ones are also at pre-K. Or kindy. Or school.

There are no drawings by me here today as there is way more “awesome” on this page than I could ever muster.


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