Felt balls and a sad cat

In the last 24 hours a bit of crafting and a bit of sketching has been done! Hoorah!

I’ve been a fan of those lovely felt garlands for some time now, do you know the ones? Little colourful felt balls threaded together? Seem em’? You probably have.

Anyhow, I love them but have never got around to actually buying any, you don’t see them in too many shops so it would probably mean buying them online and yadda yadda yadda too hard.

Then like most things I like but haven’t yet got around to buying I start to think…”hmmm wonder if I could make it?” so I Google and Google usually leads me to Pinterest and Pinterest usually has all the answers. Heart you, Pinterest.

These felty garland things usually sell for about $50+ and now, I’m no cheapskate, but I do really, REALLY love it when I can make basically much the same for $14. Total. And I didn’t even use all the materials I bought so I can probably make two more garlands if I wanted.


So what you have to do, if you too want to make a felt garland, is buy yourself some wool roving. I bought mine in a bag of six colours from the local wool/fabric store, and some wool for threading, I bought this black silk/polyester/wool mixed stuff:



Then you need to cut your pieces of roving into about 3 or 4cm long pieces and get rolling. Under a tap. You need water and a little squirt of hand wash or soap for each ball.

Do one ball at a time and start with the tap running with hot water, as hot as your hands can handle, then a little squirt of the soap, then keep rolling moving your hands in and out from under the running water until all the soap has washed off like so:



Then you flick that tap to COLD while still rolling your ball and cover your ball in cold water. Apparently this shocks the fibres into shrinking tight.


After I thought I’d made enough balls…



I popped them on a large platter to dry overnight…



This afternoon I threaded the balls…

IMG_2482 IMG_2483

Then hung the balls…



I hung them with some gorgeous flocked over-the-door hooks I bought last year but had no idea what I was going to do with, until now!

Oh so easy and I LOVE them.
The finished result is a little decorative something for Will’s bedroom door that matches the inside of his room quite well. Thats me happy!
(You could make red white and green ones for Christmas)



After I’d made my balls last night I sat with my Moleskine, a freshly made coffee and drew for a bit, nothing fancy but it was relaxing 🙂





Whats wrong, Cat? Don’t you like your costume?



And that was me done.



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