Hello. May I introduce you all to…

My new website!

What an exciting day. A new name. A new look. More to see.

I’m no longer JUST about illustrations.
I’m about Illustrations, Sewing, Cooking, Crafts, Photography, basically it’s all about the things I like to do … in a Nutshell.

Perhaps you’d like to pour yourself a fresh cup of tea and look around a while?

Before you do though, I thought I’d show you a little something I made a week or so ago for a good friends son’s 2nd birthday.

It’s a little fold-up, go anywhere, toy car caddy.

Very happy with how it turned out but again, I didn’t use any particular tutorial, I just played it by ear and made it up as I went along. There are some great tutorials on Pinterest though, like this one: Cosy Car Tutorial

Here’s how mine turned out:



There you have it. Very easy to make, really, it only took me a few hours (of course though, if the 2 year olds mother asks, it took me days and days of late nights! wink wink!).

I still have some “prettying up” of the new site to do but I’d love your thoughts on the new look, if you have any.

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