The most super of all the Super Heroes.


Anyone who knows Will would know that he likes his superheroes.

LOVES his superheroes, actually.

So today we got a little crafty and made some superhero masks.
All the masks that came with his costumes are starting to tear or break, and when that plastic breaks it scratches and that’s not so nice.
Soft, comfy masks are indeed the answer and hey, just because Superheroes look tough doesn’t mean they can’t be comfy, right?!

(Details on how to make your own after these too-cute-for-words pictures):







Materials: Coloured squares of felt, elastic, sewing machine and thread.

1. First I made a template from paper and tested it against Wills face to make sure the eyes were going to be in the right place. This is the template for all the masks.

2. I cut the mask shape out of two layers of felt squares so that I’d have a top and bottom layer.

3. I cut out any extras I’d need like, in the case of The Hulk, his hair and eyebrows.

4. I sewed the hair and eyebrows onto the top layer of felt.

5. I put the top layer of felt onto the bottom layer of felt and pinned the elastic between the two. I had measured the elastic around Wills head prior to pinning.

6. Then I sewed the bottom and top layers together.





Will and his little buddies LOVED them and I’m under strict orders to make some more tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “The most super of all the Super Heroes.

  1. Love these masks Kelly . What a great way to encourage imaginative play ! So cute . Love your blog and your illustrations are absolutely amazing . When you illustrate a book I want to buy it , for sure .

    • Hi Gina, I found it! I did see this the other night but it didn’t click that it was you. Thank you very much, if this book ever happens Ali’s Magic Carpet will be the first to get a copy! xx

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