It takes a village.

Ok, so it might be starting to look a bit like it’s “Superhero Week” around here but, there is method in my madness and rhyme and reason and all that.

You see firstly, we are off on a ten day holiday soon so I like to be prepared and make sure I have enough easy, LIGHT, compact and fun toys to take along for Will and I usually find the easiest, the lightest, the most compact and the most fun are the ones you make yourself. Plus, I just like making stuff.

Secondly, a very good and talented friend of mine made Will some little Superhero figures for his birthday recently, and I wanted to add to them and make something that would house them as well as be a part of the toy/game.

Hence todays post about what I made last night, and why it again involves  Superheroes.

What I made was this…


…from small cardboard boxes that I bought for $3.99 from Spotlight (four in a pack).

They’re perfect because the little figures (that weren’t painted by me remember, that’s the skill and handiwork of my friend Narissa), fit perfectly inside the boxes and the whole village packs up into neat little cubes.




There’s even a Superhero car…




The work of Narissa’s very steady hands… (A couple of them have gone missing since mid January but I’m sure they’ll turn up somewhere)



Materials: Cardboard boxes with lids, acrylic paint, brushes, pencil, fine/medium point black felt tip pen.

First I drew my village on in pencil, coloured it with paint and then outlined with fine/medium point black marker like so…


I realise this project probably requires a little drawing skill but you could easily do a similar type of thing cutting and pasting magazine pictures or, just keeping it simple with big, bold, bright flat colours and a few doors and windows. It’s really up to you.

Will loved his village and I’d say it was a pretty big hit. Hooray! Something else to take away on holiday!


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