All Thai’d out!

Back home now from Koh Samui, its such an amazing and beautiful part of the world. Friendly, gentle, lovely people. And the food! Oh the food! Also, the landscape. The beaches, the mountains, the flowers, the streets. Everything I’ve seen so far about Thailand, I love. We’ve only been twice but I can see us going back many more times over the years.

Is it possible though, to feel so unbelievably jet-lagged two days after a simple 6 hour flight?! I’m knackered and exhausted! Completely.

And now I’ll quickly, if I may, share with you a couple of photos from my favourite moment of our trip. We were on a visit to the fishing village of Nathon one morning when I stopped at a flower shop and in absolute awe I swooped upon some bunches of lotus flowers an old lady was selling (she was probably in her 70’s). I asked her how much they were and she told me 15 baht each, “WOW!” I said, because thats pretty cheap! (Its about 50 cents – 50 cents per flower!! Thats crazy prices!). Anyway, I then asked her if I could take a photo of the amazing flowers and she said, very seriously, and with a frown and loud voice, “FLOWER 15 BAHT. PHOTO TWENTY BAHT!” then a minute or so later broke out in hysterical, cheeky laughter. I thought that was so wonderful, maybe you had to be there but I fell in love with that old gals cheeky sense of humour right then. And her crazy toothless old lady laugh!

Here are the flowers  by the way, I bought 10 of the pink ones…(and got to take some photos for free)…

flowers1 flowers2


This is how they looked when they started to open…



Ridiculously stunning. Nature is amazing, right?!

So, when we weren’t buying exotic flowers or trekking on elephant back through the jungle or petting otters or riding motorbikes we sat. We sat and relaxed and I drew stuff.

Here’s some of what I drew…

poolpeople1 poolpeople2 poolpeople3 Russian


I also read magazines and drank a lot of tea…



Ate WAY more food than I should have…



But mostly, the last ten days were filled with a whole lot of…



If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have already seen all these photos so, sorry for the double up. When I get my photos all organised I might post some other favourite moments. Some new, fresh ones!

And finally, just because I have such a fond spot for Thailand and the Thai people, I think it’s necessary to post this little article about why you shouldn’t buy counterfeit designer knock-offs when you’re in Thailand. Or any country, for that matter. Please take a moment to read the article below, it just sheds a different light on what a lot of people think is a victimless crime…

Harper’s Bazaar article on the fight against fakes.

K xx


One thought on “All Thai’d out!

  1. What gorgeous photos . Those Lotus flowers are so beautiful , I love how the outer petals are folded back and the bunches are wrapped in dried Lotus leaves . It sounds as though you had a very relaxing family holiday . Hope your jet lag doesn’t last too long . Ps love the pool people too !

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