Alrighty, it’s time to get serious and down to business!

Some exciting things are happening soon.
One of those being that I have signed-up, registered, and paid for a three day children’s book writers/illustrators retreat with SCBWI.
That happens in June.
Three days on Rottnest  Island with children’s book writers and illustrators, I can’t even imagine the kind of fun (maybe chaos) a room full of people like this could create but I’m looking forward to it. Very much.

Thing is though, I have also signed up for a portfolio review on this retreat, by some fairly significant people in the industry too, and…I don’t yet have a portfolio!! Sure, I have my graphic design portfolio but, A) It’s probably a little old now and, B) It’s not really relevant, so scrap that. And sure, I have 365 illustrations I could pop into plastic sleeves and call a portfolio but, maybe only a very very small handful of those are actually even slightly near good enough for this kind of level. Nope, work now has to be great!

No pressure.

A bit of pressure.

Ok. Feeling some pressure!

But heads down, bums up and lets get stuff done.
What I’ve decided to do is start by going back through my Moleskine and picking out sketches that have potential, then basically, I’m just going to make them lovely…I hope.

Also, tonight I am making a chocolate, salted caramel birthday cake – unrelated but hey… CHOCOLATE and SALTED CARAMEL in a CAKE!

If it turns out good expect pictures and a recipe tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s my first “folio piece”…? Maybe? I think it could be.
I redrew and reworked and recoloured this one and I think I like it, I think it feels very children’s bookish.

(click on it to enlarge it, if you want)


You’ve seen something similar before, if you’ve been following my 365 project, but that was a quick, done-in-a-day version. This one I’ve been working on for three days and I’ve added all sorts of bits and pieces. Also, the previous version was all coloured digitally, this time around I hand painted most of it.

It’s amazing how many bits of paper it takes to make just one picture… ALL THESE!


Anyway, my first finished piece! What do you think of it…?

12 thoughts on “Alrighty, it’s time to get serious and down to business!

  1. Kelly, I think you may be underestimating your talent : ) You have LOTS of illustrations that would look right at home in a children’s book illustrator’s portfolio! I hope you enjoy the retreat.

  2. It’s a great piece to choose for your portfolio! Maybe you might want to think about getting your lovely characters moving around a bit and interacting with each other? Just a thought. You have plenty of talent, endurance (just look at your 365 sketches!), enthusiasm for the craft and love of life and children in particular. You’ll be great. Thank you for sharing so generously, I am sure you inspire many of your readers. I, for one, really enjoy your blog and it was about time I let you know about it. Good luck and have a lot of fun during your retreat! Kristina

    • Thank you, Kristina, and yes! getting the characters to move around and interact with each other is exactly what I’ll be working on next. Stay tuned!! 🙂

  3. Kelly your illustrations are really GOOD . The ones I’ve seen on your blog would be perfect in a children’s book …….no need to rework at all . This one looks fabulous ! Try not to stress too much . You have lots of talent . It sounds like a perfect weekend retreat for you .

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