Addictive. Yes, a little.

I was a rugby widow last night.

Not such a terrible thing, really, as I took the opportunity to work on another illustration.

Such a nice time to work, at night, when little people are sleeping and the house is quiet. If it weren’t for that silly old “need to sleep” thing, I would probably stay up all night long and work. Easily. Happily.

In other news, I saw a photo and recipe for homemade hot cross buns this morning that I’m going to have to try. It was the photo that lured me (a Donna Hay photo so, duh!), but they just looked SO delicious!

I will bake those later. Yes I will.

New piece…(click to enlarge)

Found you, Cat - Kelly Canby

Happy Sunday xx


2 thoughts on “Addictive. Yes, a little.

  1. Lovely!!! I love the expressions on the cats’ faces.

    I had to loose sleep because two of the three little ones had a fever, but I would love to stay up drawing. I wouldn’t even think about sleep if I could!!!

    Hope you’ll have a great week!!!

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