Upcycling (nothing to do with bicycles)

I mentioned a while ago that I am going to be upcycling some of my 365 illustrations – making them a bit better, a bit nicer, a bit more polished.

Some of the last bunch of illustrations have been upcycles.
Scratchy, rough, quickly done pictures turned into something that (I hope) is very pretty.

Today is another one of those.

The original was done on Day 148 of 365 and I did it the day Nora Ephron died as a bit of an homage to a very talented lady.

I actually have the original framed and on a wall in my house, so I do like it as it is, I just wanted to fancy it up a bit and play with it, basically.

It’s based on a quote from Sleepless in Seattle, a Nora Ephron film. The original illustration had some messy hand written type over it so I got rid of that…

MAGIC_notype - Kelly Canby

But then the graphic designer in me took over and insisted I put some type back on it…

MAGIC_type - Kelly Canby


If you’re at all interested in seeing the original illustration and how I changed it, its here… DAY 148 OF 365 ILLUSTRATIONS

Happy Monday, folks! x

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