Bookishness #2, and other stuff.

Well. I have found a new lovely book that I love.


It’s called Sidney, Stella and the Moon by Emma Yarlett and it’s really quite wonderful to look at (excuse my chipped nail polish, please). The story is a very sweet one too, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m all about the pictures and these ones are ace!

Here’s a little look inside…

photo copy 2

photo copy 3

Oooh pretty pretty pictures, and check out this gatefold. Wow!!
So much to look at!

photo copy

I love Emma’s style and I love her hand written type and I love this book. A lot.

Speaking of Emma’s lovely style, take a wee peek at her website (be prepared to swoon!).


Now, what would go well with a pretty book like this?
Ooh. How about one of these cupcakes I made last night….?


Yep, thats a piece of Mars Bar on top.

The recipe is from 4 Ingredients Kids by Kim McCosker and holy cow, these cupcakes are good! Its a great book too, I can highly recommend it, especially if, like me, you found yourself dishing up the same old pasta meal night after night to your 3 year old because you’d run out of dinner ideas. I bought it on Saturday and have used it every day since….and not just for the cupcakes!

In other news I am working on very fun, but very top secret things so, all I can offer at the moment is a tiny sneak peek…


Happy Hump Day!
(I thought the whole idea of hump day was that after about midday you went down the hump…I still feel like I’m climbing the long climb up!).

(I just noticed, reading back through this post, that our characters have very similar hair, total crazy coincidence! I guess great minds think alike, and all that…)

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