Tutorial: Tea towel picnic rug


So this morning I went off to the fabric shop to see what was around and felt a little disappointed really, nothing caught my eye and I’d seen it all before. As I headed out the door though, I spotted some pretty fantastic tea towels!

I didn’t know what I was going to do with them (drying dishes was too obvious) but I bought two packs of four tea towels for $6.50 a pack anyway. Bargain!

Then I took them home.

And stared at them.

Until. It hit me!

Tea towel table cloth!….Or, I thought, if I cut the back off an old picnic rug and sewed it to the back of the “table cloth” I would have a brand new, funky looking picnic rug.

So thats what I did.

Here’s some instructions if you fancy making your own.

V Tea towels: I only needed to use 6 so I didn’t use the two apple pattern ones.

V Lay your tea towels out on a large table (or floor) to get the pattern right. Like I said, I only used 6 tea towels but you could make yours bigger if you wanted, just add more tea towels!


V Then sew the tea towels together (right sides together so that your seems end up on the inside of the picnic rug)


V When all your tea towels are sewn together give them a quick iron to flatten the seams. (You could actually stop here if you wanted and you’d have yourself a pretty great table cloth).


V I then cut the plastic back off an old picnic rug but I’m sure you could buy suitable plastic from a good fabric shop.


V Place your plastic backing on the wrong side of your tea towels and fold the edges over to make a hem, then pin into place. Do this all the way around your rug.


V Sew your hem.


V The front and back pieces of your rug are now together but to stop them from sliding around, sew a line down the centre seams securing the plastic to the tea towels (see diagram below).


tea towel rug - sew

And VOILA! Your fancy-pants-custom-made-everyone-will-want-one picnic rug is done!


Nothing left to do now but have a picnic!

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: Tea towel picnic rug

  1. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I pinned this tutorial ages ago thinking this would be a great project! Christmas is coming and the machine is in overdrive and I decided to make a rug for mum with her favourite vintage tea towels and a few from the op shop to make up numbers! I ended up using 9 tea towels, which all have images that relate to mum ❤ I have to say thank you for the tutorial the rug has turned out beautifully & I can't wait to give it to her 🙂

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