Tutorial: One piece of fabric cushion cover


I actually made these cushion covers on Friday but what with all the excitement of my tea towel picnic rug I forgot to blog about them! (Is that sad? Getting excited about a tea towel picnic rug?).

Anyway, on Friday I whipped up these cushion covers, and I say whipped up because, honest to goodness, they took just under half an hour to do the both.
The both!

They really couldn’t be easier which is great for me because anything with too many instructions terrifies me.

Right then, you’ll need about 1-1.5m of fabric, a roughly 35x35cm cushion insert, a sewing machine, some cotton, some scissors and some pins.

And here’s what to do:

1. Lay your fabric out on a large table (or floor) and place the cushion to be covered on top to measure the width you’ll need. Then cut the width allowing about an extra 7-8cm on either side of the cushion insert.


Cutting a straight line was easy for me as I had striped fabric, if you’re not using a striped fabric you might want to mark the line to be cut with fabric chalk.

Also, I wanted to make two cushion covers so I cut out two pieces of fabric at the same time.

2. Pin and hem the top and bottom edges of your fabric, theres no need to do the sides.


3. Lay your fabric back out again, right side up, and pop the cushion top be covered on top of it. Then fold the fabric over your cushion, letting the fabric overlap.

4. Carefully slip the cushion out, pin the sides of the fabric and sew, remembering now to zig-zag stitch along the raw edges to stop them from fraying.

5. Your cushion cover is now finished, it’s just inside out, so turn it the right way and put your cushion in. Done!



I hope I have made these instructions easy enough to follow, if you do find them at all confusing please let me know and I’ll see if I can reword a couple of things.

These were my finished cushions, half an hours work, $10 worth of Ikea fabric and 2 x $3 Ikea cushion inserts later…


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