Too much sewing, not enough drawing!

Or so it might seem BUT, that’s not the case.

I have been working on a little something every chance I get but I’m not ready to reveal the whole project just yet so, how about a wee sneak peek…?

It’s still very much a work in progress and I’m debating whether to actually paint the characters as opposed to colouring them digitally, I fell like maybe they’re lacking a bit of depth, perhaps…maybe? Also, the background houses are just positional at the moment, I need to redo them properly. It’s getting there… (click to enlarge)


In other news, a very, very exciting day as a little package I’ve been waiting about 9 weeks for has FINALLY arrived, I was getting worried that maybe it had been lost at sea but look… LOOK!

Signed copy of Oliver Jeffers “This Moose belongs to me”. Oooohhh swoon swoon love love and all that. It’s terribly exciting! (that wee scribbly bit is the signature, I believe, unless that really is a scribble and the signature is somewhere else, no, that has to be it, right?)

Thank you Mabel’s Fables in Canada for sending it me, much appreciated.

And well, that’s Wednesday.

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