People I saw today*

(*names have been changed because, well, I don’t know their real names)

Oh boy. School holidays.

It’s not even about having Will off kindy because, after all, he only goes for 2.5 hours, 2 days a week, and it’s not about finding entertaining things to do because we do that on normal days already, no, it’s about ALL THE OTHER KIDS!

Our regular places are all choc full of children at the moment.
So that means a lot of noise and chaos and running.

Children are always running!

Yep. I made the mistake of heading to an indoor play centre during school holidays, again.

Luckily though, I took my sketchbook and a nice pen so for a little while, I could block out all the noise and the chaos and the running and draw things.
Things like this…

Which, when I got home, I thought I would turn into these…






I think Janet needs a Gin & Tonic.

Hurry up and go back to school, bigger kids!

3 thoughts on “People I saw today*

  1. Poor Janet! I think you might be right! – I would love to go to one of those places and sit and sketch but because my son has autism and adhd we only tried it a couple of times and I had to be watching him like a hawk and even had to go in with him – I (very early on) decided that we’d not do that again. Ever. lol I guess I’d have been Janet. 😀

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