Get ready for a craft overload!

So excited.

I’d been hearing a bit about needle felting lately but had no idea what it was really, so last night I Googled a bit and watched a YouTube video or two and thought, “Huh, doesn’t look so hard!”.

Today I bought some felting needles and began.

I made this little guy and I am so so proud of him! I mean you know, for a first time, it’s not awful, right?


I predict bigger and better things to come because there’s something quite therapeutic and relaxing about stabbing that needle in over and over and over again, without sounding all weird…and stuff.

Next project!

Three year old Will has been a bit keen on old Mister Maker lately, to the point where he’s watching YouTube episodes of the show, which is fine really, I think, because he’s watching and learning how to make and create AND it’s giving me ideas of things we can make together like… The Big Heads we made this afternoon…

I made a little instruction sheet, if you want to make some too. No words though because I think they’re pretty simple and straight forward, just remember to measure the band around the head its going to be worn on AND if you use staples like I did, make sure the sharp bit is facing outwards so it doesn’t scratch little (or big) foreheads.


Finally, some other stuff we’ve been doing to stay bust during the school holidays (if you read yesterdays post you’d know that we’ve been avoiding all our regular haunts because school holidays means SO MANY CHILDREN! EVERYWHERE!).

We did this: Made cardboard dinosaur costumes and a mini Jurassic Park. Roar.

And this: Made things with our food. This is just one example, we’re pretty keen food artists around here 🙂

And we did this: Made a dinosaur disco party because, why not?

And we did this: Painted rock monsters

And to finish, my breakfast doodle from this morning:

Busy and fun times!

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