A whole day to myself. Wowsers!

So, I’ve been a very lucky today.
Will’s been out on an adventure for the entire day. The whole day!

Obviously, I love having Will around, but wow, I’ve had a whole day to myself.
It’s been a so pleasant…and quiet!

And what have I done with my day?
The most perfect things. I’ve painted and photoshopped and drank tea and listened to the radio. Yep, the radio. All. Day. Long.

Here’s what I made today: (click to enlarge)

It started as a little doodle earlier this morning…

And I quite liked it so I painted bits of it then drew out all the other bits to scan…

Then I put it all together in photoshop and voila!

I suspect my wee adventurer will be home soon so I might try and sneak in one last treat…a coffee down the road 🙂

Happy Friday, I hope you’ve all done things you loved.


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