Fancy my artwork on a T-shirt, anyone?

How cool is this? I’m not entirely sure how this website works, I only signed up yesterday but hey, look at this…

Here’s my artwork:
Jugglin' MumKellyCanby

And here it is on a t-shirt!:TshirtKellyCanby



I think I need to look around this RedBubble website a little more because it looks like fun! You can make cards, tshirts, posters, other stuff.

That piece of artwork I have actually entered into Redbubbles tattoo design competition…the brief was a tattoo that even your mum would love, so, thats why it’s a bit girly and non-tattooish, really.

Also, while I’m here, people often ask how I manage to squeeze in so much “creative time” with a three year old, every day is different but here’s how I managed it yesterday, we made…


Will helped me make up a few batches of coloured rice which, after googling to find out how, couldn’t have been easier! Simply pour some rice into a zip lock bag, add a couple drops of food colour/dye and shake. That’s it! The rice will turn whatever colour you chose. Then I poured the coloured rice into bowls to dry for about half an hour (or until you don’t get colour on your hands!).

Then it’s ready to play with, Will loved it and I got some sneaky time to make pretty pictures. Everyone’s happy!

So you need:
Food colour/dye
Zip lock bags or freezer bags
Some bowls for drying

Easy peasy! (And fun) (I recommend playing outside with it though)

Also, I work quite a bit at night when Wills in bed, unless it’s a Thursday or a Friday night, they’re movie nights! And I also take my sketchbook to parks, playgrounds and indoor play centres, just like the picture on the t-shirt, it’s all about juggling!


2 thoughts on “Fancy my artwork on a T-shirt, anyone?

  1. Hi. I just wanna be sure. Can the colored rice be eaten? How long can we store it? Or does the coloring hastens the spoilage of rice?

    • Hi Pam,

      I made this rice purely for play…I wouldn’t try eating it.
      It was more a sensory exercise for my three year old than anything else. I imagine you could store it for a while in an air tight container but again, I’d advise only for the purpose of play.



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