My weekend project

Was all about Superheroes, SURPRISE!

Admittedly though, I had an enormous amount of fun making it so I can’t complain, at all.

Here’s what I made:

A bunch of superheroes and a house for them all to live in!

The house is a little kit house I found at Spotlight that you screw together and decorate, best thing ever! It was called a “Princess Doll House” but pffft, We don’t follow silly rules like that around here.

So here’s what I started with:

And then after some paint and some varnish, I ended up with this:







See! Boys can have doll houses too.
I’m unbelievably happy with how it all turned out (and yes, I do find myself playing with it when Will’s not looking), best party though is that Will loves it, so much so that the “guys” even came out for breakfast with us on Sunday…

The car is from the Superhero Village I made a while ago, they don’t all fit in though, so I may well be making a Superhero bus sometime soon.

I still have 6 doll pegs left to paint…hmmm, what should I do with those?

6 thoughts on “My weekend project

  1. I love that the hulk is bigger than the rest of them! Maybe you should make one of the pegs a butler. Didn’t a whole bunch of superheros have butlers or was that just batman? I should figure that out by the time my son likes superheros. Very nice!

  2. Superhero Party Ideas | Printabelle

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