Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin!

Wow. This one has taken me three times longer than usual.
Probably because I’ve redone most of it three times over. D’oh!

The first version was fine but the pigs felt all wrong and it just felt…flat.
Redo the pigs.

The second version was OK but it still felt flat.
And those darn pigs still weren’t right.
Redo the pigs. Paint some lovely textures and backgrounds. Add those.
Oooh looking lush!

So this third version I think I like. Like properly like.
If this was high school I’d not just “like” it, I’d “like like” it.
If this was Facebook I’d “kel likes this”. Thumb up.

If this was a note in primary school from my crush that said “do you like me? tick yes or no” I’d tick yes.

So here they are.

(What they look like together)


(and apart)

PIGS left pageKellyCanby

PIGS right pageKellyCanby

It’s the three little pigs!

Also, I still feel like I’m struggling to develop a “style”. Or maybe, I have a style but I can’t look at anything objectively enough anymore to be able to see it…?
It’s interesting because I thought I had a “style”, or at least, a “style” was emerging,  but as I’ve been working to put a folio together I find that each piece I do looks so different from the last! What the?! Huh?! Nooo.

If I think about all my favourite children’s book illustrators, Oliver Jeffers, Alex T Smith, Leigh Hogdkinson, Chuck Groenink, Mo Willems etc etc etc…they ALL have a very distinct style, in fact, I believe that if you put a pile of their work in front of me, without labels, I could tell you exactly who did what, easy peasy. And that’s a good thing. I need that thing!

I neeeeeed it.

Where do I get that thing?

One thought on “Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin!

  1. Maybe you shouldn’t get that thing. Maybe the good thing about your work is that it’s always different, and thus can adopt to the story or the writer or the project in front of you. Being able to be different is not always a bad thing, no?

    Anyway, the pigs are real darlings…

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