I haven’t got much in the way of colour stuff to show you at the moment, mostly because I’m busy reworking and fixing up older stuff to put into my portfolio, so, you’ve either seen it before or it’s not quite ready to be seen.

Here’s something you haven’t seen though (unless you follow me on Twitter or Instagram) (but let’s assume you don’t, and you haven’t!).

Friday doodles. Or. Fridoodles. From my sketchbook today.

I might colour these if I get a chance.



There are LOADS more doodles from this week, I was on a roll and loving the HB. I’ve always used either a way darker lead like 3B or 4B, or a much lighter lead like a 2H but this week, I have fallen for the humble HB. We are best friends.

And I think it’s a lifelong best friendship too. True love.

Anyhow, if you want to see the other doodles (there’s a lot!) come see me on Instagram, I upload most doodles there as soon as I’ve done them.

In other Friday news, some promo things!

(sorry about the bad photography)

They’re just some bookmarks I whipped up myself and laminated on my fancy pants $15 laminator (which, for $15 does a rather fantastic job).
I had designed proper business cards and postcards but I just can’t commit to any one look/feel/design at the moment. Is that the story of a graphic designers life? I think it is.

It’s always so tough to design for yourself!

Well, thats me and Friday almost done, all thats left is…you guessed it, WINE O’CLOCK!

Have a great weekend! Be safe.

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