I coloured a Fridoodle and here’s how I did it.


I thought, seeing as I Instagrammed the process, I might as well make a wee blog post about how I got my Fridoodle from a pencil sketch to a fancy finished coloured piece of work.

I worked on this on and off throughout the day…half an hour here, half an hour there, so it wasn’t done in one big chunk, but it was done today.

So, I started with yesterdays Fridoodle of the lion tamer, popped in onto my lightbox and traced around it to get a nice neat clean outline.

Then I coloured it with watercolour paint…

Then coloured pencil…

Then the ink pens came out…

At this point I scanned the image so I could start playing with it on the Big Mac.
I also decided that I didn’t like the lion tamers head to I swapped it with a previously doodled one (He looks much more dashing now, I think)…

Then I did all the final photoshop detail work, bits of colour, making the new head fit, shadows, highlights, added the text from the original doodle and some other stuff until it was done…

What did we do before photoshop?!
Wait. “Before photoshop” was before my time, so, what did THEY do without photoshop?!

Yes, THEM!



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