There’s always one! Also, thank you SCBWI.

From last Thursday to last Sunday I spent four incredibly inspiring days on an island with a whole bunch of children’s book writers and illustrators.

I know, right? How lucky was I?!

Amazing, talented, accomplished, gifted, generous people. All of them.
I did write a blog post about it yesterday but jeepers, it got so gushy and full of love that I deleted it for fear of any SCBWI members reading it and realising just how completely smitten I was with them all. Possibly too smitten. Possibly borderline creepy.

They might never want me back.

So instead, I’ll just say that in four days at Rottnest with this wonderful group of people I learnt things (you’re never too old!), I made friends, I drew pictures, I was in awe (almost the whole time) and I came away from it more determined than ever to get a picture book done…then another…then another…fingers crossed.

I’ll also say this, Deborah Abela, who was one of my housemates, is my new girl crush. What a charming, gracious, intelligent, funny woman. I’m on a mission now to read all 300 of her books (it’s either 300 or 20-something, either way there’s a lot of books). Writer/playwright/poet Justin Cheek had me so blown away by his poems that I practically begged him to let me illustrate one…oops, slightly embarrassing. I can get a little enthusiastic about a project sometimes. Even more so when wine is involved. I can’t find a website link so you’ll just have to trust that they are brilliant poems and that he is brilliant at writing them. And finally, young Gabriel Evans is one mighty fine artist/illustrator and all-round good guy. So massively talented. Like, enormously talented. It’s ridiculous. You should snap up pieces of his work now before he’s too famous and special and important and prices triple!

So you see, I told you I was smitten. By them all. ALL THE PEOPLE!

And then today, I drew this…

At first I didn’t think it was Rottnest related, simply something I’ve drawn in my sketchbook while Will’s at kindy this morning but, actually, maybe, it’s filled with joy, which Rottnest was, so perhaps it is related.

Happy happy joy joy! I’m inspired!

Thank you, SCBWI. A lot.

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