Remember yesterdays sketch?

I coloured it!

All digitally this time, for two reasons, 1) Its just quicker and, 2) After a decade and a half of using photoshop, it appears I still don’t know it all, shocking! So I wanted to try out a few things I learnt on the SCBWI Rottnest trip.

Seriously. I learn something new every day and I love that!

Her she is…

Happy hump day x

3 thoughts on “Remember yesterdays sketch?

  1. You gave me a trip down memory lane about photoshop I remember the first version, a little more limited than today, it’s constantly changing I don’t think there is many people who know the programme completely unless, they were involved with creating it.
    But it’s about the artist not the programme, you create a sense of life and movement in your illustrations I love the expressions on faces, and obvious delight of the puddle splasher.

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