I Have no drawings to show you today because…

I’m not allowed.

“Why not?”, I hear you ask. Well, I can’t show you because what I have been busily drawing this last week is for a picture book. An actual real live picture book that someone is actually letting me loose on. Yep. That’s right. The day has come!

To say I’m excited about it is a complete understatement, in fact, I’m so excited about it that I’ve done nothing but work on it every night this week, aside from a quick break Wednesday night to watch Offspring, obviously. Pens down tonight too though, as I feel slippers, wine and a movie are in order.

So this picture book. It’s a very lovely story beautifully written by (and this is pulled directly from her IMDb page) ‘passionate screenwriter, diligent producer, business development specialist, and scientific analyst’ Yasmin Naficy and, as I found out just minutes ago, incredibly experienced scuba diver. Also, really really lovely person (thats not from IMDb, thats from me), not that we’ve actually met, yet, but I can tell from emails. Also. How good is technology?? Seriously. Without it, without the internet, Yasmin would never have found me and I wouldn’t be working on this amazing project right now. So thank you, inventors of the internet. And Yasmin Naficy!

OK. So I said I had no pictures to show you but, it just doesn’t feel right making a blog post with no drawings, I mean, thats what I do! So, remember I told you I went on a SCBWI writers and illustrators retreat to Rottnest a couple of weeks ago? Well, I’ll show you some sketches from that…a couple of them are actually quite interesting (I think).

So we begin with, first morning…coffee at Dome

Then we all went off on a writing/illustrating crawl which, for someone who doesn’t enjoy landscapes, was a lot of fun…probably mostly because I didn’t focus on the landscape 🙂

First stop on the crawl:IMG_5495


Then we stopped at the cemetery:IMG_5496

And our last stop was a big ol’ tree. And I mean a BIG OL’ tree! This is what I saw:IMG_5497

Before disbanding and calling the crawl a day, we sat and paired up to create…something. I sat with author Renae Hayward and while I drew a quick little thing, she wrote a quick little thing and then we swapped our quick little things and I drew on what she wrote and she wrote on what I drew. Get it? My drawing, Renae’s words:IMG_5498

And finally, this. Because.IMG_5499


I’m sure I did other Rottnest sketches (we didn’t JUST drink wine all weekend) but these are the ones I had on hand right now.

As I said before, a great great four days and I can’t wait for next years!

Alrighty, that’s me for today. Happy Friday and have a very safe weekend xx

5 thoughts on “I Have no drawings to show you today because…

  1. A book! Wow! That is SO exciting. Congratulations : ) I think I’ll join you (so to speak) re. the slippers and wine… I”m off to watch The Voice. Congrats again.

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