A sneak peek? A little teaser?


Oh my, has it really been two weeks since I last posted something?!
That’s what being busy will do to you, I guess.

Busy drawing.
Busy sketching.
Busy making a picture book happen with the very brilliant Yasmin Naficy (see last blog post for more info on that).

I’m five and a half out of about a dozen illustrations done now and, well, I think they’re looking good. I’m happy! The authors happy. Everyones happy.

I’m approaching these illustrations a little differently to how I usually would though, which has been so much fun. Usually, I would hand paint probably at least about 50% of the illustration but with these I’m colouring them almost entirely digitally (with photoshop). I’m still drawing by hand, I doubt I could ever replicate that digitally, nor would I want to, but once I’ve drawn the images I scan them in, colour them and pop all the bits together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The best part about doing things this way is if you make mistakes (which I do!) you can undo or redo or move or, whatever. Easy peasy!

That takes a whole lotta pressure off!
And actually I think, less pressure = working without fear = nicer work, right?
Thats how I feel anyway.

So looky look…

There’s a lot of lovely textures and colours happening so far in this book.
I do love me some texture and colour. Oh yes I do!


And this is what those little snippets looked like pre-photoshop

I really am having an awful lot of fun!

I’ve also kept up with the odd daily sketch or two that isn’t book related, I find it’s a good way to warm up, or warm down, or switch my mind off for a while so, perhaps I’ll pop some of those up on here sometime soon for you to see.

Until then though, Happy Friday! Be safe.

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