15 minute project: Turn Ikea tea towels into cosy cushion covers.


Hmm second project where I turn tea towels into something prettier and more exciting. Maybe I’m setting myself a new challenge…how many things can I make with a tea towel?! So far, two.

Anyhow, I’m still kitting out the new cubby house (which will be revealed once we have grass) and I came up with this idea while wandering around Ikea the other day… You see, Ikea tea towels have hooks already sewn onto them, for hanging inside cupboard doors I’m guessing, but wow! The possibilities! I saw possibilities!

Also, they’re super cheap!

I picked myself up three packs of tea towels in an aqua check pattern for around $7  (pack of two) and then bought three cushion inserts, also from Ikea, for $3 each.

That’s $10 per cushion, plus $1 for a button. An $11 cushion cover. FAB! Then I got to sewing. The simplest sewing you will ever do. EVER.

What you’ll need:
1 x Pack of two Ikea tea towels (they must be Ikea because of the hook bit)
1 x Cushion insert 40 x 40cm or 45cm x 45cm
1 x Button – medium to large size

What to do:
Simply place one tea towel on top of the other and sew around the edge starting approx 17cm from the top and ending approx 17cm from the top of the other side.

Then, where your flaps fold and the hook meets the cushion, sew a button.

Then, pop your cushion insert in and do it up. Done!

There’s no hemming needed as the tea towels are already hemmed and ready to go.

Does all that make sense?
Here’s a picture to help…


It’s really really simple and honest to goodness, took me no more than 15 minutes to make each one. Perfect for outdoors (picnics! camping!), great for kids to play on, good for scattering on the floor, perfect for resting your weary head…

In other news, I’m still working away on the picture book. Almost all internals are finished now with just the covers and a few additional extras to do. It’s so exciting, still!

I also have given my poor neglected Facebook page a revamp. New look, new stuff, and the odd give-away. Stop by and “Like” me if you get the chance, I’d be very happy to see you 🙂

(I also upload sketches and sneak peeks of things there that you won’t see here)


Well, that’s me for today. Happy Friday, everyone. Do lovely things and stay safe xx


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