I like to do things that have nothing to do with drawing or illustration or sewing or cooking.

Example: For the last few days I’ve been busy being Jennifer Aniston…

It all started with this one.
I had a hair appointment Saturday morning and instructed the hairdresser to “Make me look like Jennifer Aniston, please”. She nailed the hair…the rest I had to take of myself.KellyCanbyJA3

Next day hair
And a bowl of fruit for breakfast. It’s important to stay healthy.KellyCanbyJA7


Crossword puzzles are hard.KellyCanbyJA4




Dinner time! Nom NomKellyCanbyJA6


GOOD MORNING!! Bathroom selfie.

What’s up with this weather?

That’s all for now but I’ve been bitten hard by this bug.

So much more to come 🙂

K xx


3 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Too funny. I like her hair too btw. but I’m too cheap to see a hairdresser. Doubt that the lttle old country salons could figure out how anyway, judging from what i see at the local supermarket, LOL.

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