My son has discovered Ninja Turtles.

So that can only mean one thing, Ninja Turtle crafts, am I right?!

It started last weekend when I realised I had some little wooden pegs left over from the superheroes I painted a while back, in fact, I had four left, four pegs…four ninja turtles, perfect!
Painting began…

Then, today after kindy, Will told me all about making finger puppets and how he loved making finger puppets but the ninja turtle he tried to make didn’t work out very well, so, we decided to make some when we got home with our bag of scrap felt pieces. Sewing began…

These were pretty simple to whip up and Will loved them!
Here’s a very basic guide to how we made them:

So then I figured, while I had the sewing machine and the bag of felt out, I’d make something else ninja-ish for him and came up with this…

I’m not really a big fan of licensed clothing so I avoid, as best I can, buying t-shirts with things like ninja turtles all over them, pyjamas are ok, I’ll give in to pyjamas, but other stuff, not so much. This one that I made I don’t mind though, because I think it looks kinda funky, it sort of alludes to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles without being over the top. Will’s happy, I’m happy! Everyone’s happy.

Actually, Will really loved it which was the best bit, after I was done I called him to show him what I’d made and it was met with “WHHOOOAAHHH That is so awesome, mum! It’s cool!”

And that, my friends, is why I love making him things.

I’m also hoping, in a little way, that maybe I’m teaching him to be resourceful and creative and to always see the possibilities. Maybe I’m kind of helping him learn to see beyond the bag of scraps or beyond the plain black t-shirt or a plain wooden peg. I don’t know. That’s my hope.

My mum was so brilliant as seeing possibilities. She saw it in everything and everywhere. She saw beyond. She thought differently. I like to think she passed some of that on to me and if I can pass even a little bit of that onto my son then I’ll feel like I’ve done a pretty good job.

Well, this is getting a bit deep, isn’t it?!

Back on track then! Here’s very basic guide to how I made the t-shirt…

And one last thing…
Even lunches are themed around here at the moment…!


Next week he’ll have discovered something else, I’m sure, so we wait and see 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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