Two hour kindy challenge.

I set myself another one!

A few days ago I drew a little christmas themed pencil sketch (if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’d have seen it). Now, I know it’s still very early and I know there are still a couple of months ’til Christmas but…okay, I have no excuse, I just wanted to. If the shops can have their decorations up already then darn it, I can draw a Christmas picture in September, right?!

So here it is. All coloured and pretty and done in less than the 2.5 hours Will is at kindy. (Actually though, the girl I painted yesterday with goauche because I bought a handful of new tubes on the weekend and I couldn’t wait to use them so todays challenge was purely about the photoshopping).

Photoshopping challenge, conquered!

(click to enlarge)

Only 98 days to go.

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