Project Cubby House, complete!

A quick break from illustrations this week to share a few photos of our finished cubby house. If you’ve been following you may have seen me mention this cubby house a few times  – with the promise of photos when it’s done.

Well, today’s the day. It’s done!

And it’s been a lovely day for finishing off a cubby house too, perfect weather.

Perfect glass of white wine weather! (Which I’m still waiting for. Soon. Soon.)

Anyhow, a huge HUGE thanks to Cubby House Perth for building this beautiful cubby. I wanted it to match some new balustrade we had put in recently and they matched it perfectly, just from a couple of photos, it’s impossible to tell which came first! So, if you live in the area, and you want a cubby of your own custom built (or from an existing design), I really can’t recommend Codie and his wife Kelly enough, seriously, they were brilliant!

I should add that my design was based on a cubby house I found on Pinterest a while back which was pretty much my dream cubby house. See, again, Pinterest being perfect. I showed the photo to Cubby House Perth and they built to match.

Alrighty, less talk more photos.

The big picture:Canby1 Canby2

Every home needs a letter box, right?:Canby6

And a place to store torches for night time star spotting:Canby5

The existing balustrade…amazing match!:Canby8

So he’ll never forget:Canby3


Here’s to lovely spring and summer days of backyard fun!

Happy Friday x

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