The Princess and the Pea.

Hello! Long time no see.

I have an awful lot of projects on the go at the moment which have been keeping me awfully busy.

I finished the book I was illustrating (did I tell you that already?), and it looks, if I do say so myself, so good! I mocked up a mini version and I just couldn’t be happier with it. Cannot wait to have an actual printed copy in my hand!

I have also been working on another couple of books  but that work is now with the publishers and I’m waiting for feedback. Waiting for feedback, I have discovered, can either be very very quick, like, the same day, or very very slow….like….weeks! But I guess that’s the business of making books.

In between making other people’s books I’m also still working on my own book.
Illustrating = easy. Writing = a little tougher! But I’ll get there.

And while doing all that, plus other projects, I found time to sew!

I sewed a thing!

I made a birthday present for Will’s best friend, Elizabeth a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post about it. I was very happy with how it turned out!

It’s….The Princess and the Pea!


This was so fun to make.
The bed is actually a wooden tissue box cover from a craft store, turned upside down, and the bed head is made from two wooden rocket ship shapes with the cut bottom half cut off. All glued together, painted Antique White and finished with a lace trim.


The mattresses were a really great way to use up a whole lot of leftover pieces of fabric!

PrincessPea-KellyCanby3 PrincessPea-KellyCanby4 PrincessPea-KellyCanby5


The pea was a large green wooden bead (tied to the bed so it can’t get lost!)

PrincessPea-KellyCanby6 PrincessPea-KellyCanby7

And the Princess was very simply made from felt and wool and lace trim.

And a little diamond on her crown because, diamonds.




I’m kind of thinking I’d like to make one of these for myself now…

Ok. Back to the drawing and the real job!

Happy Thursday! x


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